Stepney is a bubbly, modest and humble chap who is bursting with enthusiasm. He is very eager to please and is every engine’s friend. When given a job to do, he is determined to complete it to the best of his ability. Even if an engine might not like him at first, his personality wins them over. After being saved from scrap by Rusty and the Bluebell Railway, he now runs his own branch line, but loves visiting and helping out on the Fat Controller’s Railway. He has an enthusiasm for learning and listening to advice, as well as keeping busy. Stepney can feel down in the dumps if he does not get enough work to do or if he does not get a good long run to stretch his wheels. Stepney is high-spirited, lively and is keen to see fair play. He is popular amongst the engines and is always game for more work. Unlike most of Sodor’s engines, Stepney loves to work with trucks.

2009 model. Rare. New in box. Box may have slight damage. discontinued in 2000.

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